Black Mountain Professional Selling Services

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  • WE PROVIDE SELLERS with professional property evaluations. Our data is collected from the most current market sales and collectively reviewed by our team for additional comments and certification.
  • WE ASSIST HOMEOWNERS in selling their property by using our expert key pricing, solid marketing strategies, and flawless contract facilitation. Our clear communication during each stage of the process makes the transaction seamless


WE ASSIST LANDOWNERS by knowing the property boundaries/pins, requiring important surveys, evaluating restrictive covenants and understanding allowable uses. We NEVER take a listing without walking the property.

30% discount on appearals

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WE HELP BUSINESS OWNERS understand the process of selling their enterprise.Providing all financial information, explaining every business technicality, and having a clear and concise plan to transfer ownership are just some items of importance.In addition, our team is ready to learn every aspect of each business so potential buyers have no questions left unanswered.